Entertainment | 'There Is Nothing Wrong With Alcohol & Cigarettes' - Pastor Chris

'There Is Nothing Wrong With Alcohol & Cigarettes' - Pastor Chris

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The founder and senior pastor of Christ Embassy, Pastor Chris Oyakhilome, on Sunday told all who cared to listen that since the Bible does not expressly condemn both cigarette and alcohol, then there is nothing wrong with them.

It all started when a viewer of his television programme wrote to enquire from the popular pastor if it was wrong for a ‘Christian to work in a cigarette company’.

Below is the response from Pastor Chris:

There is nothing wrong with cigarette; the Bible doesn’t say anything was wrong with it… I know a lot of people do complain about it because of the relationship attached to it with some sicknesses like cancer…but if they really believe it is wrong, why not ban it totally?

It is the same thing when you have Christians working in the breweries. The Bible doesn’t condemn alcohol. The only reference made to alcohol in the Bible is ‘do not take too much of wine’. So you see, these things have to do with the individual state…if they are convinced something is not good, they should just ban it…”

The same pastor recently told the world that persons who hide to use
their hands to stimulate their genitals for s*xual pleasure in an act known as masturbation or solo-s*x, may now stop hiding and rather be proud of what they do because masturbation is a normal habit that is not a sin against God.

Watch video below:

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